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Visual Prison7.0

类型:动画 日本动漫  日本  2021 

主演:千叶翔也 古川慎 七海弘希 堀江瞬 江口拓也 岛崎信长 永冢拓马 矢野 

导演:古田丈司 田中智也 


《Visual Prison》 - visual prison人物介绍动画《VisualPrison》制作发表上松范康xA-1PicturesxAniplexTV动画《VisualPrison》制作发表,并公开PV,本作将于10月播出。PV链接:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Cb4y1Q7Bk【制作】原作:上松範康/Afredes音乐:ElementsGarden角色原案:片桐いくみ动画制作:A-1Pictures製作:ProjectVP【声优】結希アンジュ:千葉翔也ギルティア・ブリオン:古川慎イヴ・ルイーズ:七海ひろきロビン・ラフィット:堀江瞬サガ・ラトゥール:江口拓也ミスト・フレーヴ:島﨑信長ヴーヴ・エリザベス:永塚拓馬ジャック・ムートン:矢野奨吾ディミトリ・ロマネ:増田俊樹ハイド・ジャイエ:蒼井翔太


中文片名 致命摇篮 原片名 Cradle 2 the Grave 更多中文片名 龙潭虎穴 同盗一击 影片类型 动作 / 惊悚 / 剧情 / 犯罪 片长 101 min 国家/地区 美国 对白语言 英语 韩语 汉语普通话 色彩 彩色 幅面 35毫米胶片变形宽银幕 混音 杜比数码环绕声 DTS SDDS 制作成本 25,000,000 美元(estimated) 拍摄日期 2002年3月11日 -演职员表 导演 Director 安德列·巴柯维亚 Andrzej Bartkowiak 编剧 Writer John O'Brien .....(story) John O'Brien .....(screenplay) and Channing Gibson .....(screenplay) 演员 Actor 李连杰 Jet Li .....Su DMX .....Fait 胡凯莉 Kelly Hu .....Sona 安东尼·安德森 Anthony Anderson .....Tommy 汤姆·阿诺德 Tom Arnold .....Archie 马克·达卡斯考斯 Mark Dacascos .....Ling 加布里埃尔·尤尼恩 Gabrielle Union .....Daria Michael Jace .....Odion Drag-On .....Miles Paige Hurd .....Vanessa Paolo Seganti .....Christophe Richard Trapp .....Douglas Ron Yuan .....Laser Tech Woon Young Park .....Bald Enforcer 阮明智 Johnny Nguyen .....Ling's Hitman Marcus Young .....Ling's Hitman Stephen Quadros .....Prison Guard Vogel Sean Cory .....Willy Chickens Theodore Touré Johnson Jr. .....Jewelry Security Guard (as Theodore Ture Johnson Jr.) Beth Gains .....911 Operator Gwen McGee .....Subway Driver Roxana Brusso .....Vanessa's Nanny Maximilian A. Mastrangelo .....Archie's Worker (as Maximilian Mastrangelo) Mighty Rasta .....Chamber's Club Doorman (as Rasta) 'Doc' Newman .....Odion's Bodyguard Paolo Mastropietro .....Fight Club Doorman Martin Klebba .....Fight Announcer Shawn Hollinger .....Fight Club Bookie Tim Storms .....Referee Randy Couture .....Fighter #8 Hector Echavarria .....Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell .....Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz .....Ultimate Fighter Tom McCleister .....Fight Club Fan Wiley M. Pickett .....Police Officer (as Wiley Pickett) Andre Ware .....Pinky Ring Man Larry Joshua .....Cop in Vault Chic Daniel .....SWAT Cop John Dohle .....SWAT Cop James Hart .....SWAT Cop (as James Hart II) Jake Muxworthy .....Paramedic Matt Baker .....Motorcycle Rider 丹尼尔·金 Daniel Dae Kim .....Visiting Expert Douglas Spearman .....African Buyer (as Doug Spearman) Michael Desante .....Egyptian Buyer Julie Du Page .....French Buyer Hari Dhillon .....Pakistani Buyer Peter J. Lucas .....Russian Buyer Erik Betts .....African Financial Consultant (uncredited) Troy Brenna .....Broken Arm Cage Fighter (uncredited) Aaron Brumfield .....Guard (uncredited) Kevin Grevioux .....Prison Guard (uncredited) Mark Hicks .....Cage Fighter (uncredited) William L. Johnson .....Black Diamond Carrier Armored Driver (uncredited) Nikki Martin .....Ring Girl (uncredited) Chi McBride .....Jump Chambers (uncredited) Bob Perry .....Bodyguard (uncredited) Ungenita Prevost .....Ring Girl (uncredited) Vanessa Thomson .....Waitress (uncredited) Garrett Warren .....Cage Fighter (uncredited) Natasha Yi .....Club girl (uncredited) 制作人 Produced by Ray Copeland .....executive producer Herb Gains .....executive producer (as Herbert W. Gains) Melina Kevorkian .....co-producer Susan Levin .....co-producer Richard Mirisch .....associate producer 乔·西尔沃 Joel Silver .....producer Gilbert S. Williams .....associate producer (as Gil Williams)剧情介绍 版本一 神出鬼没的通天大盗DMX的女儿被人绑架了,绑匪是鼎鼎大名的国际罪犯马克,马克告诉DMX:必须帮他盗取一颗珍贵的钻石才能救回女儿。无奈之下,DMX只得与联邦侦探李连杰合作,设法找到那颗钻石并赎回他的女儿。正当俩人争分夺秒地去寻找那些珍贵的钻石时,却意外地拆穿了一起扩散新式战争武器的阴谋…… 版本二 李连杰饰演一名台湾调查局探员。他帮助一名美国神偷朋友救出遭绑架的女儿。在与劫匪集团对抗的过程中,两人发现隐藏其后的一个惊世阴谋。 版本三 本片是华裔动作明星李连杰,与美国黑人饶舌歌星DMX以及导演安杰伊•巴柯维亚继《罗密欧必死》之后二度合作的动作新片。 影片围绕着世间极其罕有的无价之宝——“黑钻石”展开。DMX饰演的黑帮老大托尼领导着一批高素质的专业窃贼,他们有着自己的信条:不使用枪支,而且只对其他的犯罪者下手。他们的最新目标便是稀世之宝“黑钻石”,没想到东西到手却为托尼带来滔天大祸。各方人马均都在对黑钻石虎视眈眈,托尼发现自己麻烦缠身,谈妥的买家被人谋杀,黑钻石被竞争对手盗走,而偏偏这时钻石的原主人玲找上门来要求他交出东西,她绑架了托尼的女儿万妮莎作为要挟。为了夺回钻石救出女儿,DMX不得不同先前他一直敌对的台湾秘密特工苏(李连杰饰演)联手应付错综复杂的局面,而他们不知道的是,自己的行动成败与否将会决定整个世界的命运……


Wentworth Earl Miller III (born 2 June 1972) is a Golden Globe-nominated British-born American actor who rose to stardom following his starring role as Michael Scofield in the Fox Network television series Prison Break. Life and career Early life Miller was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England; the son of Roxann, a special education teacher, and Wentworth Earl Miller II, a lawyer and teacher. Miller's father, a Rhodes Scholar, was studying at Oxford at the time of Miller's birth. Miller has stated that his father is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, and Jewish descent; his mother is of Russian, Dutch, French, Syrian, and Lebanese ancestry His family moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, when he was one. He retains dual citizenship.He has two sisters, Leigh and Gillian. Miller attended Midwood High School in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was a member of SING!, an annual musical production that was started by Midwood. He graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in English Literature. While at Princeton, he performed with the a cappella group the Princeton Tigertones. Career In 1995, he went to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Miller's first starring role was as the sensitive and introverted David in ABC's mini-series Dinotopia. After appearing in a few minor television roles, he moved on to co-star in the 2003 film The Human Stain, playing the younger version of the Anthony Hopkins character, Coleman Silk. Miller's first TV appearance was as student-turned-sea monster Gage Petronzi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Go Fish", 1998). In 2005, Miller was cast as Michael Scofield in Fox Network's television drama Prison Break. He plays the role of a caring brother who created an elaborate scheme to help his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) escape death row after being found guilty of a crime he did not commit. His performance in the show earned him a 2005 Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series. Miller appeared in two Mariah Carey music videos, "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" as a party guest. Director Brett Ratner, who directed the pilot episode of Prison Break, was signed on to also direct the two Carey videos. Ratner brought up the idea to Carey about using Miller in the videos. After showing her Miller's picture, she agreed to use him. Since both the videos and the pilot episode of Prison Break were being filmed at the same time, a special set was constructed on the set of the videos, so that Miller would be able to work simultaneously on both projects. He says, "Mariah's an international icon. The two days I spent working on her video did more for my career, gave me more exposure, than anything I'd done before Prison Break. I'm grateful for the opportunity." Filmography Film Year Title Role Other notes 2000 Romeo and Juliet Paris Direct-to-video 2001 Room 302 Server #1 Short film 2003 The Human Stain Young Coleman Silk Based on the novel The Human Stain (2000) by Philip Roth. Underworld Dr. Adam Lockwood 2005 The Confession The Prisoner/Tom Short film Stealth EDI Voice Television Year Title Role Other notes 1998 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Gage Petronzi Season two, episode 20: "Go Fish" 1999 Time of Your Life Nelson Season one, episode 6: "The Time the Truth Was Told" 2000 Popular Adam Rotchild Ryan Season one, episode 16: "All About Adam" Season one, episode 18: "Ch-Ch-Changes" Time of Your Life Nelson Season one, episode 11: "The Time They Got E-Rotic" ER Mike Palmieri Season seven, episode one: "Homecoming" 2002 Dinotopia David Scott Television miniseries 2005 Joan of Arcadia Ryan Hunter Season two, episode 21: "Common Thread" Season two, episode 22: "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Ghost Whisperer Sgt. Paul Adams Season one, episode one: "Pilot" 2005–present Prison Break Michael Scofield Nominated: Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series—Drama很长,你自己挑一点感兴趣的吧~ 2段视频http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_cd00XMjQxMjgxNg==.html<embed src="http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMjA5NTMwODA=/v.swf" quality="high" width="480" height="400" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>